The couple next door – the new “must” read

Hello everybody! I know I haven't been active lately but...I had some personal reasons. However, I want to tell you about this new book I just read and that is " The couple next door". And guyysss this book is pretty crazy I must say. First of all, we all know these twisted stories about... Continue Reading →


All Gone Girl fans

If you loved Gone Girl as much as I did, this book I just read comes pretty close to it. Yes, I  know, it's pretty hard to reach the Gone Girl masterpiece, but it does. And the book is...Lying in wait by Liz Nugent. The book is a psychological thriller in all of its beauty... Continue Reading →

Pearl Choker is the new thing

Hello everybody! Today I want to tell you all about pearls choker. It's the. new. trend in the fashion world as I've seen on many magazines and online posts. So I decided to test it myself and indeed, it does look really cool with almost every outfit. If you want a fancy look, you could... Continue Reading →

Flower Power

I believe everyone is so confused about the weather right now. At some point it's sunny, then it starts what do we wear? Well if you're not sure, you could try blending some elements together and form a...sort of summerish-automish look. What I tried is a denim jacket with a sweater matched with a... Continue Reading →

Follow the 100-day watercolor project of India-based artist Soo Nathan. via 100 Days of Watercolor: Artist Soo Nathan Aims to Conquer a New Medium — Discover

Room 925 #Story

She was a young, talented, beautiful young lady. She was smart, polite and nice. However, despite all her qualities, her upbringing didn't leave her much choice but to find a remote job at a respectable hotel in London. She was a room attendant. Everyday the same - 10 rooms, low pay; praying not to have... Continue Reading →

Art lives through everything

"Art is a way of survival" is the quote everyone used at some point. And it's completely true. Art is a way of expressing our thoughts, our deepest, most hidden thoughts. It's what keeps us going when we have nothing to support us. Art lives through everything. It lives through fashion, which is art itself,... Continue Reading →

For all those fake friends

I've been so fed up lately with all those promises, sweet nothings that cannot be delivered. And why? Because I put all my expectations into people that don't have any interest in me. The truth hurts and this is one of those moments. I shouldn't be so disappointed but I guess things need to fall... Continue Reading →

Conquer the world I say!

Conquer the world with your bright smile and your air of confidence! Walk the streets like you own them and never, never doubt yourself. "Dress like your going to meet your worst enemy" or your ex; both works. And accessorise your outfit with a light pink denim works wonders.

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