When you know it’s over

Sometimes its like watering a dead flower; the energy you used to share with each other is not there anymore. When do you know it's time to say goodbye? When do you know you will be ready to accept the fact that you need to walk away and give up. But giving up was never... Continue Reading →


What’s in my makeup bag

Hello everyone! I decided today to do a blog post about what can you find in my non professional make up bag. I am not a make up guru of any sort, however, I thought I could make this post about cheap and really good products that you can also use if you're looking for... Continue Reading →

Book Review

I know I've been quiet lately but it's because of a good reason. Apart from work...I've been reading a new book which I quite liked. A lot. "The loving husband" by Christobel Kent is an exciting journey towards...crime investigation. The book is a thriller in all its splendid form and Mrs Kent is doing a... Continue Reading →

Night outfit

So, after my Primark spree I didn't feel so lazy ( miracle for sure) and I decided to go out ( meaning to have a drink after 9pm). I decided to use the things I bought and try to come up with a chic look that doesn't look too pretentious.  

Primark spree

Just now I got home from Primark where I spent nearly 2 hours. I know it's a lot of time in a store, but when it is the size of this one you can't help it but loose yourself through all those clothes. I thought I could put together an outfit and maybe( hopefully) I'll... Continue Reading →

What to watch

I just finished watching this incredible 1970s classic which is called "Love Story". Actually, it's my second time watching it, but I was too young to understand much from the movie. However, now that I'm watching it again, it's such a good movie that I don't have words to describe. I think this type of... Continue Reading →

Breakfast ideas everyone?

When you have your off days what is really hard is to find a place to have breakfast. And yes of course you can cook yourself and do some nice eggs etc but usually in the morning I'm pretty lazy so for me cooking it's not an option. The question is...what is an option? That... Continue Reading →

The Real deal- Books

I always, always loved reading. I remember being young and discovering those little books for kids and how fun they seemed. Even today I would read all day if I could. For me, a book is an opportunity to imagine your own characters, be there with them and enjoy every bit of the adventure. It's... Continue Reading →

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