Room 925 #Story

She was a young, talented, beautiful young lady. She was smart, polite and nice. However, despite all her qualities, her upbringing didn’t leave her much choice but to find a remote job at a respectable hotel in London. She was a room attendant.

Everyday the same – 10 rooms, low pay; praying not to have a bad supervisor or too many departures. Every day a routine until…

“Annie, can you do room 925, it’s a departure” the lady in the coordinator office said through the phone, leaving her no choice but to act.

“Of course”.

She took the small bag of chemicals and the heavy hoover and walked peacefully to room 925.

She opened the door and entered the room. It was pitch dark and the air was quite funny. She opened the curtains in the bedroom and living room as room 925 is a small suite and then proceed to the bathroom.

And there she saw it, lying in the bathtub- the body of a woman, eyes and mouth open, looking at her.

The phone rang.

“Annie, 925 is not a departure yet. Our bad, leave the room as it is.”

“Um..we have a problem.”

She later found out that the body was of Caroline Hunt, wife of business magnate Oliver Hunt, who was spending some time alone in London. Her boring life now turned into a fiasco as she was the one who found the body and a possible suspect in the murder investigation.

Who would kill Caroline Hunt? Why? The motive could be the money, maybe revenge. However, things got messier when Caroline’s husband is also found dead in the bathtub of their New York apartment. No blood and no murder weapon. It was later found that the time of death was the same for both spouses : 11:45 am.

Was this a money crime? Some would say passion. And why is has to do with Annie?

Some things are better left unsaid.

To be continued..





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