10 Activities to do when you have too much free time

Oh I know what you’re thinking ” Who the heck has too much free time these days?” and yes it’s true. Nowadays it’s pretty hard to find ourselves bathing in free time. Nonetheless, it happens that sometimes we find ourselves with some days off with nothing to do in our minds.

I thought of some activities that would be worth the time and it might help all of us.

  1. Make a Puzzle 


When was the last time you did something that reminds you of your childhood? A puzzle is a great way to fill out that free time and also it uses some different parts of our brain.

2.  Go to Gym


Oh I know, I am not a fan of gym myself but sometimes it’s good to stop indulging into those doughnuts and do some exercises.

3. List your goals/plans


It’s a good way to start thinking about your future and what you want to do. It also helps you be more creative.

4. Read a book


Those who know me by now, know that one of  my favourite book is Gone Girl. So if you get some time, read it, it’s worth it!

5. Cook


Now, I am not a big fan of cooking but sometimes it’s good to try it. However, if you like that’s even better!

6. Go out with a friend


It’s always a good idea to spend some time with a friend, go for a coffee or a walk and just talk about life.

7. Museum visit


Find some cheap or even free entrance museums in your area and just give it a go. It’s a fun way of spending time and enriching your knowldge.

8. Shopping spree



Now I know that sometimes it’s not a good idea on a budget, especially when you’re trying to save money as I am, but from time to time it doesn’t hurt…that much.

9.  Plan your next vacation


Planning your holiday is always a good idea! Plus, if you start early you can get some really good deals.

10. Start learning a new language


This is something I always wanted to do and honestly it’s so worth it in today’s competitive professional world.



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