Breakfast ideas everyone?

When you have your off days what is really hard is to find a place to have breakfast. And yes of course you can cook yourself and do some nice eggs etc but usually in the morning I’m pretty lazy so for me cooking it’s not an option.

The question is…what is an option? That really depends where I am. When I’m in Bath, UK ( I tend to go there very often because I simply love the town, it’s amazing) I go to Boston Tea Party which I believe it’s the best thing ever. I fell in love with that small place which serves exceptional coffee and pancakes.

Then again, if you’re not in Bath and you find yourself in London, then there are so many good places to eat breakfast. First I would say “The breakfast club” is one that was pretty good and the atmosphere as well. However, where I usually go because I simply love the food is Bill’s( You can find this restaurant almost everywhere). Their pancakes ( I am a lover of pancakes) are delicious and their desserts…everything. if you’ve never been, just try it once.


Until then, have a lovely breakfast!


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