Thrilling, love lasting love

In life we can only love twice. And I mean, really really love.

The first time would be our first love. The sweet, crazy, messed up, heart breaking love. The one we think it’s forever. And ever. The person who makes our world turn for the first time, see colours differently and actually feel so good about ourselves that we forget we were ever…alone.

But as we know, not many first loves stay together after. And then we find ourselves on the market again for finding true happiness, which usually takes a long long time to find. Because the second person we are going to love will not feel anything like the first person we loved, which is okay; we need to go through the process of healing to actually start something new with somebody else. However, for many of us, the process is long lasting as it gets hard to actually feel something for somebody else. And then years passed and we find ourselves trapped in the “rebound” level.,

We might think ” man, I am never getting out of that”. At an incredible moment we find the second person we are going to truly love, the “one”. And it usually comes years after years of wrong dating. But when we find it, the love lasting love, the one we should have been with from the beginning, life becomes much more easier that’s for sure. We start thinking about the future, about starting a family. Everything fits perfect. And if we are lucky, if we are the luckiest of the luckiest persons in this world, we might be able to keep this person forever, until love do us apart.

So if you found that special someone in your life, your love lasting love, hold on them tight and love them forever because we all know life is too short.



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