And when I want to be alone…

When I want to be alone I disappear into the stories and characters of other people. I transcend into the deep pages of a book, without being aware of what is happening around me. I become part of the story, I merge with every personality and I feel every dialogue.

When I want to be alone I hide from the world and I go in a quiet place that finds itself in chaos. I go sit at a coffee shop alone, watching people go by, without fully noticing them. I stay and I stay until I feel my batteries charged.

Because  you see, that is what happens to an introvert, a person who needs to distract themselves out of social situations just to have some time to be alone. While many people don’t understand this, for us, introverts, recharging our batteries is a must because sometimes social gatherings can be dreadful.

But don’t loose hope, we always come back.



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