Walk it!


I’ll try to talk like the fashion guru I am (haha…hearing that laughter in the distance) and talk about Denim jackets and its remarkable comeback to the fashion world.

Okay, now back to reality. It’s true that denim took a leap of faith into today’s fashion and I am loving every second of it. I bought myself a new denim jacket that works well with every outfit. Going out to drink cocktails with your friend? Denim jacket. Going to work? Um..I would double think it tho, sometimes it can’t be very “serious”. Even going to the supermarket to buy groceries can get really chic with a denim jacket. Anyways, you got the point, and that is: denim jacket.

You can see a outfit I put together with my favourite ( and only) denim jacket.

So guys, bathe yourself in denim.

Jacket: Zara



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