Dear Future Husband

Letter to my future husband:

Dear you,

You will be reading this in the moment we will have our first fight. You will feel unjustified, frustrated, or even angry about my words. And my love, you have every right to be feeling like that. You see, from an early age I was brought up with the fact that men are more powerful than women, that I need to have my voice heard in every situation and that I shouldn’t let any situation unresolved. 

That is why my words may come up too strong, too sharp, never hurtful.  I am sorry I am this way, you know, I am trying my best.

You will be reading this when we got used to each other already. You would have seen all the little imperfections I am trying so hard to hide. How my teeth aren’t always bright white after I am drinking my favourite soda, how I squeeze into those jeans because sometimes I feel like eating a lot of doughnuts and how sometimes I am too tired and I sink in my tv series. I know it’s hard to deal with all my tired attitudes or frustrations, but I know you will do your best.

You will be reading this when years have passed down the road and it will feel more like best friends than lovers. We will have our own tv shows we watch every Wednesday or Friday, our own Saturday morning groceries store dates, or our own tennis nights scheduled. It will be our routine. We will laugh loudly at the movies and talk about future at dinners, still holding hands.

I want you to know that I will be loving you dearly and faithfully the moment we met. I will be waiting for you, like a child waits for summer and I will cherish every moment spent together. 

I want to thank you for always being there for me, for being my person, for being my best friend, through thick and thin. Always.

I love you, 



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