The sound of the sea


Extract from the “story”:

“You look really nice” He said, looking at me with his silly smile.

“Oh come on, it’s just a bathing suit”. 

It was the first time we were going to the seaside, just the two of us.

I couldn’t wait for this mini holiday, 2 days with just him and the sun, nothing that could disturb us.

When we arrived, it was so sunny. The picture was magnificent. The waves kissing the shores time after time, like a unrequited love relationship : two souls who couldn’t be together. I always portrayed every thing like that, like a metaphor waiting to be written. Just like my love for him, the metaphors I created were strong.

Hey love, come here.” He reached for my hand and he grabbed me, hugging me with everything he had. It was so perfect, just the two of us, on the beach, listening to the sound of the sea and nothing but love between us. 

….to be continued



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