The soul ripper


It was a stormy night. The wind was blowing through the open window, leaving the room in a cold, utterly chill.

His figure was all white, powerful, looking straight at me, with no regrets in those black eyes. He tried to mimic a small gesture, his hand seemed to reach to me, but instead, he turned around and looked at the storm outside, without thinking to close the damn window.

What happened to us? Maybe it was never perfect, but it was so real, and now he decided to leave. I don’t like when people leave, he said to me once, that it rips his soul out when he finds himself alone. But look  now, you’re leaving me alone, you are the one who is ripping my soul. 

Can I do something to turn your mind around?” I whispered, even though the sound the wind was making was too loud for anyone to hear me.

Don’t you think you did enough? I will be fine. This relationship doesn’t make me want to grow anymore. We reached a steady line.”


It was everything I could have said. It hurts when the person you love the most doesn’t see a future with you anymore. And it happens. You can never prepare yourself for it ; you might never know when it happens. 

I left that room that night, right in the eye of the storm, without a single thought of having to stay. I walked down the soaking wet pavement, crying. But for the first time, the pouring rain was washing my face and cleaning my soul, and I felt ….safe.

For the first time, I felt safe in the chaos. 




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