Street Art – more like a remedy


I strongly believe street art it’s a remedy when walking through those busy streets, sometimes filled with only colours of black and white.

It’s pretty hard to find something that lifts your spirit up when you’re rushing to get to work, or when you’re just casually wondering around, trying to enjoy the city you live in.

When I found this picture, I was so amazed of how perfect the art is and how good it makes me feel. This is my favourite painting of Van Gogh, entitled “Starry night” or “La nuit etoilee” in French. I like more the French version, it sounds truly poetic.

I would love to rush to work and see this painting on a wall, reminding me that sometimes the world is bigger than us; that the world is made up of art and we, ourselves, we are part of this art. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget we are artistic beings, all of us. We should embrace it more.



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