Healthy or?

The past few months I’ve been watching these “celebrities” talk about healthy skin, diet etc and I thought that I would never go to that extent where I will cut the sweets or the carbs from my life. I love eating something sweet a hundred times a day, if it’s even possible.

But I thought that maybe for some parts of the day I could start and eat a little bit more healthy.

This morning I started my day with a bowl of granola and a fruit salad and even though I got hungry 1 hour and a half later…give me credits for trying.

Maybe tomorrow will be a brighter day…



2 thoughts on “Healthy or?

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  1. Healthy eating is super hard, I struggle with it on a daily basis (I love my cheesecakes) but good effort for trying sweetie! You’ll eventually get the hang of it! 😄

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