Motivational advice: Never stop believing in yourself



I haven’t been in a happy place lately; emotionally speaking. I feel that everyone has high expectations of me and there is a lot of pressure I should meet.

Sometimes it gets difficult when you find yourself in this type of situations, where you feel suffocated and you can’t go out. And when you find yourself in this place it’s easier to loose yourself or to loose the confidence you try so hard to maintain, because let’s be honest, people aren’t born confident; you have to work for it, from within.

I decided that it’s time to take some action as I won’t let any situation interfere with my mental health. I am reading motivational quotes and posts written by different people who share their own stories. I think it’s a easy way to get real contact with yourself, to get back on tracks.

Guys, if anyone is feeling like this, just know, it gets better. There are people that are there for you and just don’t let the pressure get you. You are stronger than you think. Always. And always know you can message me. I am always here for you.




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