The love we take for granted


While checking my Tumblr, which I admit, I haven’t done in so long, I came across this picture. I don’t know why but it stroke something in me and I thought I need to write it all out.

In today’s society it’s really easy to loose yourself and reinvent yourself through the means of social media. We became so glued to this apps where we have to show we are better than everyone else. We put pictures with our “made up” lives just for all our friends to see and be “jealous”.

We romanticise the emotional unavailable people, showing that true love is complicated. Referring to this picture and the quote, I believe that our generation is so lost into this unreal image. We get ourselves into relationships and we make ourselves up for the other person. “What do they like?” “How can I be that person?” and we transform our ideals, believes into something that is fake.

And then, when we find ourselves alone, we don’t know what to do. We don’t know who we are anymore or what we stand for.

The love we take for granted is the love with ourselves. We take ourselves for granted with so many things and situations. We should build that self confidence, we should be true to who we are. We should stand up for our ideals and our goals. At the very end, all we have is ourselves, therefore, we need to learn to work with it.


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