TV Series to binge watch in 2017

Here is my top 5 best tv series that you should definitely binge watch if you haven’t done so like…a thousand times by now!

I know I know, some of them are old but hey, they are classics!

No 1.  Riverdale 


This new TV hit series is a must watch! If you like the “Gossip Girl” intrigues and a bit of “How to get away with murder” you will definitely fall in love with the drama and the mystery that falls upon the small town of Riverdale. And do I need to say that this new cast is so good looking?

No 2. The Fosters



I feel like the Fosters should be on this list because it is such a heartwarming TV show that focuses on real life struggles. Needless to say, the actors portray such down-to-earth characters and situations that any of us could get ourselves into. The Foster is surely one show that will keep you glued to the screen.

And talking about glued to the screen…



For those who don’t know the abreviation HTGAWM stands for well what are you even doing with your life? I am joking but “How to get away with murder” is a must watch tv series. The exciting law aura that this show brings and all the drama that is behind the characters is amazing! If you like law – thriller-drama-mystery-suspense type of shows, try this one out!

No 4. Grey’s Anatomy


I don’t think you can have a proper list if there is no “Grey’s Anatomy”. This show that is running from 2005 is such a wonderful, expectionally well written and played show. All the tears shed are so worth it while I am waiting for the next thing that is going to happen to the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital cast.

No 5. House of cards


Okay, this one is a truly remarkable show. Kevin Spacey does such an exceptional acting and the plot line, oh my , it’s fantastic. If you love a smart show about law, government and all you should go at all speed for this epic one!




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