The ultimate break up – with your friend.



I believe that a friendship should motivate you through the hard times, but also through the good times. A friend should be someone who is there for you all the time, through thick and thin.

Everyone is promoting relationships, romantic links between people, but less and less friendships. The truth be told, friendship is one of the most important aspects of our lives. A friend should be a rock. We should have our “person” who knows us and is there for us.

Recently I came through some hard times with my best friend. Sadly, we are not friends anymore. 7 years of friendship and we let it go too easily maybe. I moved places to university and she remained in our native town. We kept in touch, but there was clearly that we are not on the same page anymore. It happened gradually, but our texts started to became scarce to none…I guess it was expected.

A friendship end hurts more than a breakup. Why? Because your friend is there to help you through the breakup and is there to make it better and fun. But when you loose your friend? There is no one there to make it okay.

I don’t regret that things turned out this way. I am building a way for myself and if my friends are not on board with this, then maybe it is for the best. It hurts, but at some point it won’t hurt anymore and I will find people like me, with similar goals.



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