A place to hide

I was always the quiet, introverted type of person. Therefore, for me, the big social gatherings were a bit…too big. I felt more cosy with my book and my laptop, writing down everything that was rushing through my head.

Since I am in London, it was pretty hard to find a quiet place to withdraw myself into. But a few days ago I think I found my source of inspiration and quietness again. And that is Hyde Park.

It may sound bizarre that a quiet place is a noisy, full of people, open space, but , in Hyde Park there is a small fountain, kept away from all the eyes. I found it my mistake actually, while I was strolling through the busy park.

It is a really lovely place especially with a good book, a coffee and Godiva strawberries dipped in chocolate. I would totally recommend to try it out now that the good weather is here.



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