Why you can’t get over it


The thing is you get used to one person and they get to know you, every little detail you try so hard to hide. They will know why you think the way you think or why you do the things you do. And then, they are gone. And as poetic you imagine heartbreak to be, it won’t. It will hurt. Like hell. You are used to hurting so you will bury it deep inside like your parents taught you to.

You can love someone so much, but the truth is, you cannot love them as much as you miss them. And God, how much you will miss them. You will try to run from it and you will do everything to distract yourself. Anticipate the hurt, cover it with a bandage. However, you remember you have this bandage for a very long time. The wound you try so hard to cover it could have become infected. You cover everything with these cheap damn bandages until they break. And when that happens all these stored up emotions you try to hide will catch up to you. This time you can’t cover them. This time they will get you good.



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