Why you shouldn’t be afraid to be alone

I found myself many times at the edge of the pathway, with no one by my side. Every time I found myself there I was thinking that my actions lead me to be alone and face everything that I was going through on my own. I looked at it as some sort of punishment, being alone in a world so dependent on being in a relationship or constant socializing.

As I got older I started finding comfort in being alone. I like discovering more about myself. I like going to movies alone and drinking a glass of wine at a nice bistro in the central of the city – alone. I like reading and watching movies alone. Do not get me wrong, I have friends whom I love and I love going out with them, catching up on everything. But there is this kind of inner comfort you discover once you stop being afraid of solitude. You find yourself in peace.

You find yourself indestructible.

The truth be told, everyone should aim at finding themselves first and then build relationships. Power comes from within and there is power in sometimes being alone.


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