Mistakes do not define you


Why are we so afraid of making mistakes? Mistakes are something normal, are a way of learning, of experience and however we are so afraid of making them.

Everyone is so critically judged if they make a small mistake as if they killed someone. It is a total exaggeration. Mistakes are to be made to learn. And we need to learn in order to do better next time. What is a life with no mistakes? BORING. With no self-discovery. You will never know how to get back on track if you are never mistaken.

However, we associate mistakes with failure. Failure, in my opinion, has nothing to do with making mistakes. Why are we so afraid of everything? Our society became so harsh and judgementful. It became so hard to live your own life at your own pace.
Don’t let society change you. Make your own mistakes. Learn from them. Be your own hero. Everybody would love to see you fall but don’t give them that satisfaction. Your mistakes do not define you. You define them.


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