Eternal Sunshine of the memory

I recently re watched one of my favorite movies of all times and that is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. In my opinion, is a masterpiece.

Starring Kate Winslet and Jim Carey, the movie portrays two individuals who fall in love and…eventually erase themselves. Actually, Kate in the role of Clementine erases Jim who plays Joel, after a thought break up which she doesn’t want to deal with anymore.


What I absolutely love about this movies is that it depicts a normal couple with everyday issues. Furthermore, this idea that once erasing someone you could never go back and all you think you have are memories…but they fade away slowly, gives you something to think about.

I would never erase someone I love. I believe that those memories need to be there to remind you of good times and bad times and to help you. Imagine you love someone so much and after you break up there is no trace of them anywhere. It is like they never existed yet you have this feeling of emptiness, of missing someone…would you be able to live like that? Would you erase the person you once loved or still do?




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    1. Being hurt is part of the journey of self discovery. It hurts at the beginning but then you will get comfortable with the pain and eventually it will fade. Never be afraid to get hurt because you learn from it.

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