True love


I have seen recently all sorts of posts about love, future husbands and future wives and the future of a promising love life.

The thing is that, everybody seeks true love. Red roses, letters of undying love, dates at midnight, laughter and the words of a romantic poet.
But in my definition, true love is something messy. It’s saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. It’s doing the wrong thing. It’s choosing that person all over again. It’s fights at 2 am and kisses at 7 am. It’s leaving them, saying how much you hate them because they hurt you and made you angry, but then is going back to them and apologizing, telling them you love them. It’s the fucks up, it’s the break ups, it’s the coming home. It’s everything. It’s looking at them and feeling everything inside you burning because you love them so much. It’s hearing all those mean words and cannot stop but crying because you cannot change who you are. It’s the I love you’s and please don’t leave me. It’s saying please don’t let me go. It’s always finding your way back to each other.

I believe in my definition, what do you think?


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