Books that inspire

I have always been a lover of books. Whenever I had the chance to read I would size it. I used to finish one book in a day if it was something catchy and interesting.

I thought I could put up a list of 5 books that changed my thinking and actually made me see things from so many different perspectives.

  1. One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest by Ken Kesey                                           9780141187884

This book is a satiric display in the minds of the American Government and the society of the 1950’s. It changed my perspective in seeing certain political rules which influence the minority groups.

2. The picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde


This book was recommended by a very special person in my life. After I read it once, I was so intrigued by the character of Dorian Grey that I had to read it again. It is definitely a book that changes one’s perspective.

3. Gone girl by Gillian Flynn


This is one of my favorite books from all times. The extremely talented Gillian Flynn scores high with a story about love, betrayal and murder. The book reveals an insight into a psychopathic mind. It shows that, after all, there are two sided to every story …

4. Looking for Alaska by John Green


This book cut deep into my once 15 years old soul. It is a book that thought me a lot about friendship and love. It is a book for every young reader out there which will give a very lasting lesson.

5. The beautiful and damned by F.S Fitzgerald


An invite into the world of rich, this book made me understand that not everyone is happy. Money does not bring happiness, though it sounds clichee.

This is my top 5 books that I strongly recommend to every new and old book lover.




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