World Hunger

World Hunger

I believe that we, people, not only do not understand this whole concept of ” Hunger”, but we seem to not take any action regarding it.
There are 870 million people out of 7. 1 billion who are undernourished. Doesn’t this raise high questions in what concerns us as a civilization? Shouldn’t this makes us question how we, humans, value the concept of existence?
Furthermore, we proceed enough food for the entire population on the globe. We have enough to provide everyone with at least 2.720 kilocalories per person, per day. And here comes the question : Why are there people starving?
The principal causes of World Hunger are poverty and harmful economic systems. There is an estimate number of 1,345 million poor people in developing countries who live on $1.25 a day or less. This extreme poverty issues remains, yet there was some improvement in countries as Asia, East Asia, where there was a determination in reducing the percentage of poor people. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the number of poor people has increased. If “Poverty is the principal cause of world hunger, then why are there so many poor people?
There are millions of dollars spent on awareness campaigns when that money could be used in actually helping to reduce World Hunger. The picture shown above the text is actually an awareness campaign. I chose it because I see some truth in it : we could all end up in the same place, and without no food, we will end up resorting to cannibalism. Now, it is all about luck, whether you are born in Africa or in Europe. Why does it have to be the place you are born in deciding how your life is going to be? Life is all just a game of luck, a Russian Roulette, quite a bit different though. If you are born in a settlement with a starvation problem there are 6 bullets in your gun and if you are born in one of richest cities in the world you could have one bullet in your gun. And my question is :Why your birth place should decide how many bullets are left in the gun?


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