A little forever.


   When you start being infatuated with someone, everything changes. And I don’t mean when you ” like ” someone. I mean when you actually become so emotionally attached to this other person, this person who could leave you in a second, hurt you and even change you forever. You give this someone permission to play with your heart without having the guarantee it will give it back to you once finished. And when that happens, even the most selfish person in this world gives up this trait. In those moments, when you look at them and all you see is beauty. All you see is the way their eyes fickle when they look at you and that spark when they laugh. Those are the moments that count the most.

     But what about when they leave? When they say ” hey, I’ve had enough. I have nothing else to give” or maybe they do have enough to give, but don’t want to anymore. What happens to all the love you have stored up in your heart ?An empty soul, all consumed inside. You played me and you used me, and even that you didn’t do it properly. I wasn’t deserving even that. And now Ifinally understand why people get addicted to certain things, just to forget the real world for a little bit. And sometimes that little bit turns into a forever.


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