Today’s Society

I think our today’s society is full of judgement especially towards women and teenage girls. They imply a lot of things for this young girls, who are made to feel like it is not their choice anymore. ” Don’t dress like that, men will look at you”, ” Don’t eat to much, you will get fat”. All this mothers start to teach their little girls not to dress in a provocative way, because they might get raped. This should not be happening , we should not tell girls how to dress, we should teach our sons to know better and act decent. You are telling me that a girl has been raped because she ” was asking for it”?. No. No one is asking for it. You should do better and control yourself.
Furthermore, our society its putting so much pressure on this ” be thin” advertisement, which is not okay.  Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. But the truth is,  how could you, when on TV and in all those magazines are only supermodels who eat nothing for their dinner? So we teach young girls not to eat, to control their cravings until they look like the girls on covers. Yet, even the girls on the covers do not look like the girls on the covers. And besides promoting a false image, we encourage them to develop anorexia, bulimia, just because they feel this pressure to fit in.
It all took a wrong direction. Parents teach their daughters to be something they are not, when it is not their fault that this is how our world works. Instead of trying to change this way of thinking, we make them feel that they were already born guilty of something.


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